Todd taught his Magic School at our Camp last summer. Every day he prepared an exciting and interactive lesson for our campers. Todd brought all his own supplies and sent the kids home to practice their tricks every night. At the end of the week he gave a performance for the whole Camp that included a trick from every participant, who then became honorary magicians.

Todd is a naturally talented teacher who commands the respect and interest of children of all ages through his humor, warmth and dynamic presentation. His professionalism, preparation and attention to detail makes him a pleasure to work with and a no-brainer for any Camp director to hire him!
— Dane Pickles, Everwood Day Camp

Shake things up this school vacation and offer your kids a new and exciting program-- Todd’s Magic School!


What is Todd's Magic School?-  Exciting, fun, engaging and interactive—It’s not your typical kids' program. Using everyday objects in a one-on-one workshop setting, the kids will learn tricks they can easily do themselves for family and friends! While learning some of Todd's favorite tricks, students will learn the importance of practice, hard work and how to perform their new tricks for an audience.

Who is Teaching?- Todd Migliacci is a national touring magician, current Walt Disney World Cast Member and your Magic School teacher. He will pass on his years of experience and knowledge to your students! 

Educational and Fun-  Amidst the magic and mystery, students will be learning critical thinking skills, the age-old importance of practice makes perfect, public speaking, self-confidence and stage presence.

Class is in Session- Todd’s Magic School is completely customizable to any group. There can be multiple sessions to accommodate large numbers or for different ages. Classes can be held anywhere from one day to a full week, depending on your schedule.

Everything is included- There is nothing required of you (that's right, nothing!) Students are provided all necessary materials by Todd—including props and their own magic folder. The folder contains instructions for tricks learned in class as well as extra ideas for extended learning when they head home. Once the class is completed, the new magicians will earn their very own certificate and magic wand.



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