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-  "I'll repeat what my son said to me at the end of the day: 'That was the best birthday I have ever had, mom!'"

                               - Laurie, Mother and Client

-  "Todd is a very talented magician. He kept our preschoolers mesmerized every minute of the show. The parents reported that their children could not stop talking about him all night! We would highly recommend this entertainer!"

                               - Linda Patrick and Jillian Burr,  Uxbridge Preschool Teachers

"Todd is a joy to work with! He is punctual, professional, and has a wonderful manner with both children and adults. His magic really draws in the crowd and leaves everyone surprised and laughing. As a camp director it is such a relief to work with someone who is as professional and reliable as Todd. I know he will always show up on time and put on a great show!"

                               - Dane Pickles, Director Everwood Day Camp

"Both students and teachers left the program wanting more ..."

                                      - Douglas High School

-   "Todd and his magic mesmerizes and entertains both young and old alike! Our toddlers, preschool children, teachers and elder residents were delighted and entertained for over an hour. Parents came in the day after the show to say that their children were so excited and animated while telling them about Todd's magic show. Todd has an outstanding rapport with both children and adults. We will invite Todd back soon and will recommend him to everyone we know!"

                               - The SALMON Center for Early Education

-   "Todd exceeded our expectations! It was a great show and it's exactly what we wanted for our program. We would love to have Todd back because our campers loved him so much. It was fun, it was exciting and the jokes were very funny. He is an amazing performer!"
- Tom Barry, Programming Coordinator -Camp 40 Acres

-  "You were magnificent and everyone young and older loved you.  I'm still getting lots of compliments on your show.  I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone!"

                               - Claudia, Mother and Client

  "Todd's show was amazing! The kids loved every minute and continued to talk about it for the rest of the vacation week!"

                               - Lesia Mitchell, Programming Administrator -Malden YMCA SACC Program

-   "Nice job getting everyone to participate. The audience was well engaged and I was amazed they were for such a long time. The show was clever and really creative... Even after the show, people were coming up to me saying how much they enjoyed it."

                              - Jeanie Lindquist, Library Assistant -Ashby Free Public Library

-   "I liked how Todd mixed the humor for the kids and the counselors. Everyone was laughing... Todd kept 50 kids' attention for an hour straight, as well as mine. It was very entertaining. I enjoyed the show as much as the kids did!"
- Joe Cote`, Camp Counselor -Malden YMCA

-   "It was a very good show and very versatile... If I had more thumbs, I would give four thumbs up, but I don't so we'll settle for two thumbs up."
- Ty Brooks, Staff Member -Malden YMCA

-   "I was watching your every move and still couldn't figure it out. That was the most interesting shoot we have done."

                              - David Finer, Operations Coordinator of DCTV

-  " Todd's show was fantastic. It was much more than we expected!"

                                      - Polyfoam Corporation